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Welcome to the College and Center for Rebreather

You are interested into diving with rebreathers? Well, then we are glad you found us.

Due to our close cooperation with with well-established rebreather manufacturers and globally accredited diver training organizations,
we are well grounded in the latest developments on the rebreather market.


Furthermore we can provide you with certified service for (almost) any kind of rebreather.

Our rebreather trainers have extensive experience over many years and place a high value on quality.

Regardless of user or instructor training - we are pleased to get you in touch with a qualified trainer in your region.

We are covering the complete range:
from Nitrox to Trimix 100 - technical diving as well as recreational diving.

We are cooperating with with several scuba facilities allowing us to provide optimal logistics and best suited diving sites in Germany and abroad.

If you are interested in further information regarding training and service please contact us.

Poseidon MK VI Log Analyzer Download

Our Poseidon Rebreather Log File Analyzer is now available for download as well. It's a Rich Client Application which was developed in Java. That means you must have a Java Runtime installed on your system. The good news is: It's available for Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms! As of today (Dec. 30, 2013) it has been dowloaded - 52x for MacOS - 51x for Windows - 7x for Linux Even though this is somehow what I expected, I am still quite surprised how man non-Windows downloads we had. Just click...continue reading

Poseidon Discovery MK VI im Bergsee und Scooter von Halcyon