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Online MKVI Log File Analyzer Online MKVI Log File Analyzer

Poseidon MK VI Log Analyzer

You might have noticed our graphical Poseidon Discovery MK VI log data representation. We can now provide you this service online. Just select the fields you are interested in and upload a log file. A chart representing your log data is being created which can then be viewed online.

Privacy Statement:
The log files are only being saved temporarily and will be deleted immediately after processing. Uploaded data is not being stored permanently and is not being forwared to thrid parties under any circumstances.

Log File of Poseidon Discovery MK VI:
After loading the log files from the Poseidon Discovery MK VI they are on your Computer. In general they can be located within "My Documents/Discovery/dive". Only the CSV is required for generating the image. The filename should match thie following pattern:

Thanks to the work which can be found on the information within the log file could be properly identified. We we never completely satisfied with the presentational capabilities. We wanted to get a better view on the data provided. Especially when looking at several values having different scales in place comes in handy.

Desktop Application:
We have been developing a desktop application supporting Windows, MacOS and Linux systems as well. As soon as the remaining bugs were fixed it be provided for download.

Feedback and Suggestion:
Feel free to contact for any questions of suggestions.