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Poseidon MK VI Log Analyzer Download

I have been working on some improvement. It should be running just fine on Windows, also tested it it Windows 10.  But on MacOS and Linux platforms it might work even better ;-)! Just click on the appropiate link for your system: Windows 64bit Windows 32bit MacOS (Intel only) Linux 64bit (gtk) Linux 32bit (gtk)   Please send questions and feedback to    ...continue reading

Poseidon Discovery MK VI im Bergsee und Scooter von Halcyon

Download Video

Poseidon MK VI Log Analyzer

You might have noticed our graphical Poseidon Discovery MK VI log data representation. We can now provide you this service online. Just select the fields you are interested in and upload a log file. A chart representing your log data is being created which can then be viewed online. Privacy Statement: The log files are only being saved temporarily and will be deleted immediately after processing. Uploaded data is not being stored permanently and is not being forwared to thrid parties under...continue reading

Scrubber Flow Poseidon Discovery MKVI

For all rebreather enthusiasts we are presenting the Poseidon Discovery MKVI Scrubber Flow. If you have closer look at it you are able to see why the oxygen sensors in the unit can operate so smoothly. Their position only allows little amounts of water to condensate in this area.

Scrubber Flow Poseidon Discovery MKVI

Firmware v50 für Poseidon Discovery MK VI ab sofort verfügbar

Test Dive 60m Trimix - Poseidon Discovery MK VI

In April 2013, the College and Center for Rebreather carried out Tec Fundamental Instructor and Tec Advanced User and Instructor courses on the Italian island of Elba. Markus Schempp & his team from the iac dive Omnisub welcomed the members of the College and the Center for Rebreather. Due to the good conditions in the Mediterranean Sea the College and Center for Rebreather took this opportunity for a dive to 60 meters with the Poseidon Discovery MK VI. Two units were equipped with the 48m...continue reading

Maßnahmen bei fehlgeschlagenem FW-Update – Firmware v48

Im Falle einer fehlgeschlagenen Firmware-Aktualisierung, bei der die Verbindung zwischen dem MK VI und dem PC (PC mit der Config) während des FW-Update unterbrochen wird, gibt es zwei verschiedene Arten das Problemen zu lösen. In der Regel: Wenn das Gerät neu gestartet wird, im Pre Dive Kontrolle Test 04-0, 06-0 und / oder 08-0 stoppt. Das Gerät in BL-Modus hängen blieb (das Display zeigt den BL Status) und startet nicht. Es gibt zwei verschiedene Methoden, um zu versuchen diese...continue reading

Poseidon Discovery MK VI - Software Test 48 m Trimix

The Trimix 48 m Firmware for Poseidon's eCCR Rebreather Discovery MK VI has been available for some time now. Unfortunately Poseidon only provides vague information regarding the underlying computer model, which complicates the preparation of suitable deco and emergency plans. For this reason Georg Mück and Sven Böckelmann, both i.a.c. Reabreather-Trainers from the College and Center for Rebreather, ventured a test dive at the GETASAMED pressure chamber in Dorsten (Germany).   As Rebreather-Trainers...continue reading

Rebreather Ice Diving

Between february 22nd and 24th the Ice Demo Days took place at the Weissensee in Austria. For divers interested in rebrather diving the College and Center gave them the opportunity to test dive the Poseidon Discovery MK VI Rebreather.
The College and Center for Rebreather is increasing it's activity in Austria and Switzerland. Between february 28th and march 3th 2013 you were able to meet us at the Boot Tulln fair.